Republic of Belarus, 220030, Minsk, International St., 28
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Hotel Europe is a hotel with a long and authentic history. During its long life many famous people stayed here including Mark Shagal, Vladimir Mayakovsky.

The Hotel’s history began in early XIX century when Minsk was a part of the Russian Imperia. Then at the corner of Gubernatorskaya Street and Sobornaya Square (today Lenin Street and Svoboda Square) a 2-storey hotel with no name was built. The Hotel enjoyed such a huge success among travelers and bohemia of Minsk, that many artists of that time captured it on their paintings.

In 1884 the Hotel turned into a 3-storey building and became the name “Hotel Europe”.

At the beginning of the XX-th century the Hotel was renovated in Modern Style which was typical for that period of architecture, got 6-storey and became an impressive frontage design. At that time it was the highest building of Minsk and the largest hotel of the Northwestern Region. The Hotel offered 130 rooms with electricity, phones, bathtubs and hot water. There was a first-class restaurant with Romanian and Viennese girl bands, the first elevator in entire Minsk, men’s and ladies’ hairdressing salon, Vilno Commercial Bank branch, a bookstore with all the latest bestsellers, a library and various shops. The guests were picked up at the railway station by a festive carriage or a car.

Unfortunately at the beginning of World War II Hotel Europe was completely destroyed.

For more than 60 years nobody even thought about the restoration of the famous at its times and beautiful building in the heart of Minsk. But at the beginning of the XXI-st century suddenly the hotel was remembered.

In 2004 Minsk City Administration was put in to manage the restoration of Hotel’s building and turn it into a luxurious five-star hotel. The design project was based on Modern Style of early XX century and almost completely repeated the looks of the old Europe Hotel.

In 2007 the resurrected Hotel Europe, built with the latest technologies and equipped with the most up-to-date facilities, began its new life.

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