Republic of Belarus, 220030, Minsk, International St., 28
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Minsk accommodation Belarus

At the beginning of twentieth century accommodation Minsk “Europe” was five-storey (with the attic) hotel with 130 rooms. Nowadays the amount of storeys has increased by two, and at the same time the size of rooms has decreased – now they are 67. Before the revolution the accommodation Belarus hotel “Europe” was the tallest building in the city, so “Europe” had the status of international hotel (first in republic of Belarus). Recently, under the personal commission of the president of the republic of Belarus that old historical building was re-built at the crossing of two streets in the old part of Minsk – Lenina and Internatsionalnaya streets. “Europe” is the one of not so many five-star accommodation Belarus and one of two five-star accommodation Minsk. Because of such great historical heritage and the high reputability of this hotel, the information about “Europe” can be found in any guide about accommodation Belarus.

Besides such great historical heritage, “Europe” has unique architecture. Many of accommodation Minsk have great service and luxurious room decoration, but “Europe” is the one and only accommodation Belarus, which has the atrium type of the building. Any guest of the hotel, when out of the room, gets to the gallery balcony. It’s the great observation point, from where you can see the inner hall of the hotel. Atrium is covered with light-cupola and has two panoramic elevators. The front part of the accommodation Belarus hotel “Europe” has the inscription in French – “Hotel D’Europe” (Hotel “Europe”). This letters look very spectacular in the night illumination and greatly emphasize the whole style of the accommodation Minsk “Europe”.

The great view is opening from the windows of the best apartments this accommodation Belarus – the view of the old town of Minsk (no other accommodation Minsk can brag of it). The “luxurious” class apartments consist of working cabinet, living room, two bathrooms, couple of TV’s and a mini-sauna. From all the accommodation Belarus only “Europe” has telephone and Internet connection in every room. All the rooms and corridors are decorated with paintings of Belarusian artists. The hall from seventh to first storey is decorated with big picture of the town history plots.

Everyone can visit the restaurant and drink the cup of coffee in the lobby-bar (restaurant and the lobby-bar are on the fists floor of accommodation Minsk “Europe”). Even so prices are not higher than the middle prices in the city.

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